Yumi Aoki

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Ecstatic Dance by Yumi Aoki

Yumi Aoki, Ecstatic Dance.

Yumi Aoki

Ecstatic Dance with Yumi

~ Dance Meditation of Heart & Soul in Breath ~

This Ecstatic Dance is a sacred inner journey to enjoy various energies through movement/non-movement supported by beautiful music.

We will explore feminine flowing/fluidity/surrender, masculine thrusting/decisiveness/sharpness, chaos/mix, silence/stillness, self-nurturing, sensuality, openness, touching own heart, oneness, joy, freedom…through dance in breathing (LovesBreath)… to be amazed and be renewed, and have a Real Fun!!

Anyone regardless of age/gender, whether they are good at dancing or don’t dance, can enjoy this sacred space for dance… No set steps, no prior experience required, barefoot, loose outfit,

Will start in Breathing meditation and end in Breathing meditation.

We together enter into a taste of living in Christ Mind by freeing up our energies in the body (our creations). Jeshua said in ACIM, “YOUR CREATIONS AWAIT YOU.”


Yumi Aoki was a devoted seeker of the Truth through psychological healing, Zen teachings, and ACIM, while working as a career woman in the int’l business world in Tokyo for years, based on the big question of “Who am I?, Why do I need to live?, What is the purpose of life?” that which she had held in the center of her beingness since childhood.… 9 years ago, she started hearing the Voice/Call to go to Israel/Palestine to contribute to Peace… Kept replying “No, not me, I’m just not enough”, with deep commitment to unworthiness, powerlessness, distrust, fear and guilt… 4 years later, everything in her life started collapsing physically/mentally. Then, she finally prayed to God, “If you ever exist, show me and take me to the Way of true teaching so that I can end this insanity and sufferings within/without practically! No more Suffering!! I had enough, God!” … 4 months later, she was carried to the Way of Mastery (WOM) – Pathway through some miraculous threads, and felt a strong unshakable Call to attend the Palpable Forgiveness Retreat in Bali, and there heard the same Voice/Call again to go to Israel/Palestine… Finally realized it was Jeshua/Jesus calling her… She followed the inner guidance, and during the Pilgrimage, Jeshua guided her every day to remember more and feel and thus heal what had not yet been embraced since the time with Him…

Yumi is currently offering the Japanese On-Line Ashram through translation of WOM texts/materials as a senior teacher of Way of Mastery -Pathway along with private sessions/femininity opening workshops/ecstatic dance/breathing meditation (Love’sBreath) and other healing workshops in Japanese & English. In her words, “I have Deep gratitude to God for answering my prayer…I Feel so blessed to be able to offer the Ecstatic Dance, which Holy Spirit guided me to start leading 2 years ago in Bali in unknowingness … All the necessary music was given through miraculous encounters, though I didn’t know about music at all at that time, and again found, I am grateful, GOD IS!!!!” ~ Yumi

More information about Yumi is at her website.


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