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Jayem, the channel for the Way of Mastery books, had an extraordinary encounter with Jeshua, in 1987. It was the beginning of a long, sustained apprenticeship grounded in a deep and humble devotional gratitude to Jeshua for bringing the ‘grace–filled Light that heals, awakens, and transforms’.

From guilt-ridden, tentative channel to a skilled facilitator and transmitter of real spiritual Presence and the capacity to join intimately in the journey of everyone in a group small or large, Jayem is known the world over for his compassionate, clear sharing of Truth and for his ability to rapidly help others ‘cut to the chase’ of the pain, wounds, and illusions that are binding them.

In his own words:

“I am a humbled lover of God, who is but Love, and a sharer of the infinite capacity and intelligence of Love, knowing that each and every soul is the most precious creation in creation. To take up the Great Work of real liberation is to be ‘returned’ from hell to heaven. The soul cannot rest until this atonement is completed.”

He offers himself and his skill and wisdom full out, and prays each who may encounter this Pathway will digest it all, heal, evolve, and find ways to express this Great Love in their lives, for the benefit of all beings.

The Path of the Way of Mastery includes five core texts:

The Jeshua Letters
The Way of the Servant
The Christ Mind Trilogy
Way of the Heart
Way of Transformation
Way of Knowing

Jon Marc Hammer, Jayem, teaches and resides in the Alam Cinta Ashram, in Ubud on the Indonesian island of Bali.
To find out more, go to wayofmastery.com

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