Brent Haskell

Brent Haskell

Brent Haskell

Brent is the author of Journey Beyond Words and The Other Voice: A Companion to the Text of The Course Chapters 1-15 (Miracles Studies Book).

Brent Haskell will be speaking on the topics below in his conference presentation:

“Challenges and Dilemmas Associated with Living in the World.”

1)  if the script is written, then how does the world seem to allow changes and accomplishments, i.e. learning and the change that comes with it, and choices that we make;

2)  if the script is written, how can we effect healing and change in our lives, and how should we go about it;

3) the treachery of the ego and how it is that the thoughts of the brain delude us into thinking that we are following a path to allow the death of the ego, when the ego itself is making up that same path;

4) ego versus personality and the difference between the two and how that affects living in the world;

5) what is faith, how does it work, and CAN it work, especially if the script is written;

6) How the physical world MUST reflect the spiritual reality which created it, thus making everything part of the great unified Oneness.

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