Jeshua (Jesus) on Forgiveness In the Way of Mastery

Forgiveness is to be returned to Original Wholenes
“I have often said to you that the only constructive use of time is the process of awakening. Yet, that process cannot be completed as long as you seek the Kingdom. It is completed in your willingness to acknowledge that you have found the Kingdom. That is the great paradox that baffles the mind so habituated to separation. It is the quantum leap that carries your from illusion to Reality, from the world to the Kingdom. When you make it, you will look out and see not a fearful world but a world filled with safety, filled with Light, filled with Peace, and you will look upon everyone and every thing and see them as forgiven. Not by you who is above them but by the part of you that lives in them.

It is in the extension of that forgiveness the consciousness of the only begotten ‘Son’ of God – that seems to have become fragmented into so many souls, so many bodies, so many worlds – the one Son begins to feel safe in laying down the dream of the dreamer of all worlds.

And when the mask has been laid aside there is but the brilliance of ten thousand suns. The world has been translated into the reflection of the Kingdom of Heaven. It lasts but the twinkling of an eye and then even time is finished. The holy Son of God opens his eyes, and sees that the dream has not occurred.”

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