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Way of Mastery: “Rising in Love’s Realization” 2014 USA Tour

Healing   Profound   Liberating    Life Changing                                     


Presenting a US tour of workshops with,  Jon Marc Hammer, (Jayem), the voice and teacher of the highly acclaimed “Way of Mastery” books,  renowned the world over as a pathway of healing and enlightenment. Grounded, vast, and all inclusive they provide a practical, genuine spirituality, proven to be genuinely life changing.  Jayem is known as a wisdom teacher and a master facilitator. He has a highly developed skill at communicating Truth in ways that are immediately accessible and applicable to each participants life and spiritual journey.

In these workshops you will learn the key teachings of Jeshua, how to deepen the forgiveness process as taught in A Course in Miracles, radical inquiry, Love’sbreath, and the critical  keys to presence,  leading to insight, healing, and growth. Each of you will be given the tools to incorporate these teachings in your daily lives. You will go deeper and higher on your spiritual path in a lighthearted, informal atmosphere of joy and loving acceptance!

“Jayem is such a soft, clear, beautiful being that simply walks his talk. I have had the very real pleasure of experiencing h m as friend, brother, and profound teacher, while staying at the Ashram in Bali. He is a “must see” for anyone on the pathway home’ Ken Peace Carroll

Presenting three week-end workshops in a city near you!
Chicago  ~ Sedona ~ San Francisco 

Palpable Forgiveness in Loveland, Colorado (nearly sold out)

Revised Final for CMC

Miracle Promotions is proud to announce that Kathy Scott Perry will be a speaker at the bi-annual International Course in Miracles Conference being held in New York City, April 17, 18, 19, 2015. She will be joining 27 other well known Course teachers, authors, and organizers, who will share their knowledge and experiences with the Course in Miracles. Read this purpose statement fromTony Ponticello, the organizer, when you get it and feel it, you will know that you have to be there! 

This large conference in mid-town Manhattan is a celebration of the maturity of the A Course In Miracles movement. It is our ‘coming of age’ gathering and party. No more will we be content in basements, afraid to openly and boldly shine our light. We are here in ‘America’s downtown’ declaring our message of healing, loudly, and profoundly. The world will not be the same afterwards. Remember, we came for the salvation of the world. Don’t miss it!” — Rev. Tony Ponticello

This conference is such a great experience because you will get to hear and interact with your favorite Course teachers, ask questions, and really get to know them on a one to one basis. You will meet and mingle with Course students from all over the world. I have made many wonderful long lasting friendships going to this event. And you can’t beat being in vibrant New York City with like minded friends! New York City is an amazing place! It’s where the Course started!

For more details and information:  http://www.miraclepromotions.com/acim-conference/ 


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